Ahh, spring, how we love thee…

Hey again, all!

Greening trees and grass, robins chasing worms (and boy robins chasing girl robins), lilacs, longer days, bluer skies, pale legs seeing sunlight for the first time in 9 months…yes, spring is the season of change. Well, it looks like those changes have found their way to our May 20th concert as well.

Due to an NPR recording sesh scheduled in D.C. on the same day (and a ridiculously full tour schedule otherwise), Mandolin Orange had to cancel our engagement.

We’re bummed. They’re bummed.

But there is a bright side: It’s not rain. It’s the opener for the sun.

In their stead, we’re excited to announce that Leif Vollebekk will be joining us for the evening! Leif is on tour with Mandolin Orange for about a half-dozen of their shows in the northeast.


Get your tickets now through PayPal –
Ticket Donations are $25.00 per.
If you are buying multiple tickets you will need to donate once for each ticket.

Leif Vollebekk @ The Timber House

Doors: will open at 7 p.m.
Show: starts at 8.

If you want to do some audio homework on the singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, blues harp blower, and fiddle sawyer, check out a couple of his videos:

Cairo Blues

Photographer Friend

And a little bio on Leif:
Leif Vollebekk spent two years searching for perfect takes. This search took him from his home in Montreal to a studio in Manhattan, from a farmhouse in Woodstock, NY to a mansion outside Paris, and the result is a dusty, polished, new, old record called North Americana.

“I wrote the songs, I found the best band in the world, and then all I had to do was find the right studio, for the right take,” he says. “And it took forever.”

After his 2010 debut, Vollebekk knew the kind of album he wanted to make next: a record like the ones he loves by Gillian Welch or Ryan Adams, that feel old and familiar even when they’re new. But also a record that speaks to the listener through its lyrics, with songs “that can hold up in a storm,” that are packed full of perfect little mistakes. So he started writing. Ten new songs, the best he had ever written, with lines about love and the end of love, about journeys and homecoming, about the death of friends and drinking yourself dry. Read more here. (link to http://www.windishagency.com/artists/leif_vollebekk)

If you’ve already purchased tickets for the show and still plan on attending, you’re all set! If you would rather hold off and come to our next soirée, your tickets will be honored for that show.

We’re sorry for the change-up—but hey, we’re going to have a great night regardless!

We look forward to seeing you May 20th!

Allison & Trevor

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