Wow, those tickets went fast…Ryan Montbleau sold out!

Well, we’ve got yet another sold out concert at the Timber House! Crazy!

We want to thank everyone for such a fantastic response to the upcoming Ryan Montbleau show. It seems as though we’ve got more than a few folks hungry for some live music in the country!

If you missed out, don’t worry. We’ve got one more evening of live music scheduled to finish-off this year’s concert series – Patchy Sanders will be joining us October 30th to round out a gorgeous fall season at the Timber House. You can learn more about the group here:



Get your tickets now through PayPal –
Ticket Donations are $25.00 per.
If you are buying multiple tickets you will need to donate once for each ticket.

Patchy Sanders @ The Timber House

​Thanks again for your support of the fantastic musicians making a stop here. We are grateful for both.

See you soon!

Trevor & Allison.

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